I occasionally look at my craft area and wonder if I have a problem – haha. In this society of proclaiming everyone has an addiction, is there such a thing as having a crafting or hobby addiction?

I love all things crafty. I like building things, sewing, drawing, and scrapbooking. I am trying to get good at knitting and crocheting. I used to make a lot of jewelry… Needless to say, I have a pile of projects that I am adding to constantly. I love learning new things. Currently, one of my main projects is organizing all of my information on future projects and crafting tips. I am making a binder for crafts as I did for my recipes. It will be broken down into each craft variety and even one category for craft ideas for kids. I have a lot of little books and craft patterns that I want to sort through and keep only the ones I will really use. I am hoping it will open up some extra room in my craft shelf.

I am also doing a similar collection for gardening except I am going to organize it into a rolodex. As I collect tips and information about gardening and specific plans, I will add it to the rolodex. The first half of it will be alphabetical for plants and tips. The second half will be a seasonal breakdown of when certain things need to be done like transplanting, pruning, and plantings. I am hoping to have a nice collection to pass on to Savannah when she has a garden of her own.

I better get back on my binder and rolodex work. I had to take a break and clean the kitchen, but I am hoping to get a good amount of work done while Savannah is still asleep.