As Travis said the other night, “There is nothing better than hot soup to warm you up from cold.” I have to agree. I love soups and stews as it is, but they always seem to taste better when it’s cold out. This week on Recipe Box, I have shared a great chicken noodle soup recipe that I tried last week.

I made it just as the recipe called for except for the fact that I didn’t have any bone-in chicken to use. I thought I did but ended up having to use boneless chicken breasts. It still tasted good but it would have had a lot more flavor if I’d had the meat it called for. I also forgot to recheck if it needed more salt and pepper, but that was easily fixed when we were at the table.

The magazine article that had the recipe explained the note to dry the chicken. The chef says, “Nothing browns until it’s dry. So this step speeds up the browning a little bit. It also reduces spattering, but you don’t need to belabor it. Sometimes it just comes down to how concerned you are about keeping your kitchen clean.” I had never considered this when cooking so I wanted to pass the tip along. I hope you enjoy the soup and stay warm.