Yesterday, I didn’t have time to post because I was making full use of the sunny day. (Today is supposed to be even prettier so I’ll be making this short!) I finished painting the two frames for the garden. While Savannah was napping and the paint was drying, I worked around the yard. I moved the three creek rocks I put around the mailbox post out a bit and added a couple more to make a small flower bed around it. I am hoping I added enough room for the plants. I sowed a few bachelor button seeds. I measured out, marked, and began a little work on the plot for the corn. I wanted to have plenty of time to prepare the area for when we plant it in March. I also did some planning for where to plant some fruit trees when we get them and where to put in a flower bed next to the field fence. I’m still deciding on that though because I’m a little concerned the cattle will decide to find a way to eat anything I plant there. Maybe I’ll just invest in some wire to add to the fence so they can’t reach it… Before the very end of the sunlight, I took some big pots I have up to the garden for later use. After supper, I did the early preparations for supper today so I can work until late evening again. I am hoping to get as much done today so I best get on it!