I had a wrench thrown into my plans yesterday. DSC08751I bored the holes in the bottom of the frames that we will need to anchor them to the concrete in the garden. Then I got out the brand new bit to drill the holes to install the anchors. I had gotten the wrong bit in my haste to make the stop as quick as possible. (I didn’t want to have to wait around to find a Home Depot worker that wasn’t busy.) That was the end of my plans to finish setting up the frames.

So instead of finishing up with the frames, I finished painting my bench. I then decided where I would begin creating my sitting area in the garden and where the bench would go. I set a brick a ways in the ground for supporting each corner of the bench. I didn’t want it to sit directly on the ground to cut down on the wear and moisture of the bare ground.DSC08757 I also began painting one of the cattle tanks we have. I don’t want to deal with glaring metal while working in the garden.

This morning after I fed the heifers for Papa, I turned the rest of the corn plot that I hadn’t gotten to yesterday. I hadn’t really planned on it, but it was pretty out and I knew this was the warmest it would be in a while. The temperature will be dropping throughout today. It’s supposed to turn cold over the weekend and be wet off and on next week. Now I can work on projects inside next week until the next round of nice weather without fretting as much about the garden. It’s beginning to look a lot better in my own biased opinion.