I’m still reading Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring. I always wish that I’ll have extra time to read, but there never seems to be enough. Of course on top of that, I am a slow reader. I am most of the way through it and I have been enjoying it very much. I know I have read it before when I was younger… Maybe when I was in high school. I must not have truly read it though because it feels like I am reading it for the first time. I am reading and noticing things that I don’t remember.

Of course, as I am reading I am still finding things that differ from the movie. One of the things I don’t remember from the first time I read it is how driven the characters are in their journeys. In the movie, several of the characters carry a reluctance. Even before I knew anything of the book, Frodo struck me as quite cowardly a portion of the time. As I have been reading, I find myself delighted that he is unwavering in his drive to do what is right above expectation even though at times he looses his personal struggle. His hobbit friends know what they are signing up for and are determined to see him through to the end. The book has made me appreciate the characters so much more.

Another character I was surprised with is Aragon. In the movie, this character played by Viggo Mortensen is probably my favorite. I think his performance as the exiled heir is unique and well done. In the book however, Aragon is confident in his abilities and ready to assume his rule at the very beginning. I can see why the writers of the movie adapted it to appeal more to their audience. I don’t even think they did a bad job. They had a lot to fit into a shorter timeline. I have just been really enjoying seeing who Tolkien really intended them to be.