Yesterday, I went with Travis to his great uncle’s funeral. Travis’s cousin who is a preacher performed the main part of the service. While most funeral services are the same, I did like one point he brought up. He said that when we are born the beginning of our book is written for us, but when we are old enough it is up to us to decide how the rest is written. I may not have agreed with part of the religious doctrine in the service, but I do agree with this.

People seem to frequently fall into this helpless mindset. The nation is growing into a society of victims. They can’t be happy because they don’t have this or that. They can’t refrain from something because they have an addiction. They can’t be held responsible because their parents somehow stunted their emotional or moral growth. They can’t change how they feel (I’m guilty of that one occasionally). In this nation where we can control so much, even right down to control of the government, we have to step up and take back control of it all.

We are able to control our life story: who is included, where it happens, and a lot of what takes place. Will there be unforeseen events?  Yes. We may not be able to control every detail of our life, but there are three things we can have ownership of: our decisions, actions, and reactions. We can choose to be happy with our life, to love our spouse, to be a productive member of our family and society… When we make a choice and repeat the action of it over and over, it becomes a habit and a part of us. When we choose how we will react to something and follow through with that choice, we can even change our reactions. We may not be able to always control how we feel, but we can control our reactions to those feelings. The change in reaction can even slowly change our feelings.

When it comes right down to it, our life is a collection of judgments and choices. It is all up to us to decide the life we will live. It isn’t easy having control of your life and it is even harder to regain control after you have lost it, but it is more rewarding than being a victim. Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to negativity and hopelessness. We all have to step up, take control, and decide how the rest of our book is going to be written.