I am trying to learn to break away from my cookbooks. It will be hard (and probably hardest for Travis who is going to have to endure a lot of trial and error suppers), but I think it will be for the best. I want to get to where I am comfortable making my own dishes and there are three reasons for this.

The first is that it seems to be the best way to cook. It’s taken me many years to realize, but there is more to cooking than following a recipe. I have heard from several friends who are great cooks that being able to cook on your own makes you learn what it truly is to cook. It makes you learn what goes good together, how to experiment, and how to trust your won abilities. It is harder to build good cooking skills than it is to copy a recipe.

The second reason is that I think it will also allow me to learn how to make different meals with the same ingredients. If I can trust in my abilities as a cook, then I’ll have the confidence to look at ingredients in a new light. I want to build our garden to where we grow most of our food. If I do this, I will be somewhat more restricted in my ingredients. I want to be able to cook many different meals that are tasty and nutritious using the food we grow. I think I’ll be more confident to do this if I start branching out now instead of waiting until we have the garden at it’s full size.

The third reason is a part of my desire to be self-sufficient. If we don’t have electricity, I want to able to cook something without having to look up a recipe. While I love Pinterest for cooking ideas, I don’t want to grow to rely on it because I won’t always to able to get on it for a recipe. I don’t want to hinder my cooking abilities in an emergency by constantly using a recipe or cookbook.

This is part of why I took down the Recipe Box page. From now on I may occasionally share a recipe, but I will be concentrating more on the importance of certain foods and cooking methods to commit to memory. I am excited, but a little worried to be doing this. In the end though, I know it’ll be worth it.