I was lazy this morning and read under the covers for a while. I probably read the most during the winter. I have much to do as always, but there is nothing like a winter morning (or night) spent in bed with a good book. After Savannah went back to sleep from her early wakeup, I decided to try for some quiet reading time. I came close to finishing The Fellowship, but I knew I was pushing my luck because Savannah would be waking up soon. I like to get around before she wakes up so I can get dressed without worrying about what she is managing to get into.

It was an odd mix of feelings this morning. I was completely absorbed in the company’s travels and yet, in the back of my mind, I knew I was running out of time to read. I wanted to finish the book but I didn’t want it to end. I was sad to realize I only have two chapters left to read. I know I have the second book in the trilogy to read too and I hope to buy the third soon to complete the set. I can even reread it. Still though… I have never been so truly sad to finish a book.

I have finally settled on the next book to read to Savannah. The first one I read to her was Jennifer Lee Carrell’s  Interred With Their Bones. I’ll have to talk more about it at a later time. I don’t have to time to be drawn into the discussion of my enjoyment of it – haha. I had been reading her an occasional Irish folklore story, but I couldn’t decide what to start her on next. A blog I read recently reminded me of the passing of Edger Allan Poe’s birthday and I considered starting her on a collection of his short stories. Then it struck me that maybe I should introduce her to Jane Austen next. Her writing is quiet and pleasant for reading aloud. I read to her as she settles down to sleep so I decided this would be a good choice. So I have gotten out my worn copy of Sense and Sensibility again. We are just doing a chapter or two a night as she falls asleep.

I really hope with starting Savannah out young on books that she develops the same love for them that Travis and I have. Since she’s only one year old, I know she can’t understand them. I’m just hoping the soothing qualities of reading sinks in; later, we can work on appreciating a well written story.