Last Sunday, with the weather being warmer, Travis, Savannah and I took off on one of our favorite weekend outings: backroading. We always pick an area to start and sometimes some general areas to run by. After that, we just follow wherever the dirt roads take us.

This time, we decided to go to Carroll County and pick up a dirt road we had been on, but not followed through. We had found it while locating a cemetery where a few Confederate soldiers were at rest. (I help Travis locate and verify online records of local Confederate graves.) Carroll County is beautiful with its large tracts of farm land. Driving down a dirt road there with a handful of houses and a whole lot of farm land makes me remember what our road used to be like when I was growing up. It breaks my heart that our area is starting to pile up with houses. But, that’s what happens when a neighbor decides to sell land by lot for profit. But, I digress.

I love backroading for a few reasons. Getting to see places I didn’t know were there is one of them. We have stumbled across some of the prettiest little farmhouses and landscapes on these trips. Another reason is that I find learning where roads go and join together very interesting. (Knowing a lot of alternate roads has also aided me in avoiding flash flooding while driving.) A lot of my enjoyment also comes from being Travis’s navigator. I love testing my sense of direction. When we take a dirt road, Travis will ask me to choose the way at turns. I try to determine from the direction and the condition of the road where to go. If I am steering us away from a town that I know is to the north and the road splits, one way going northeast to the left and one south to the right, then we take the right. It doesn’t always work out how I expect, but I’m getting better. Either way, it is always fun.

This is looking up the creek from one of the crossings as we followed a road that snaked along it.

I did decide on something while we were driving… I want to kayak a long stretching creek there that we have driven by a lot. It looks like it would be a peaceful and beautiful float trip even though I would probably have to carry my kayak occasionally. I would like a friend to go with though. Maybe I can talk my sister into kayaking a second time with me since she enjoyed the first time.