I’m afraid that my making the most of the weather for working outside isn’t leaving me much time to post, but I am happy to be making the progress.

Papa helped me with the hardest part Monday: drilling the holes for the first frame. The next morning, I was excited to try to get the frames up. I finished drilling the last hole for the frame. Next, I stood the frame up and lined its bored holes with the concrete’s holes. I put one anchor on each end before driving moving to the interior. Driving the anchors was easier than I thought. The only thing that went wrong was the second interior holes weren’t lined up. The bottom of the frame had to bend slightly to meet the foundation and that through off the alignment. Other than that, it went up quickly.

Then, I brought the second frame over and set its corner where I wanted it to meet the other frame. I used baling twine to temporarily hold it there. I adjusted its direction to make sure it was following the foundation how I wanted. Then, I got the drill and made shallow holes to mark where I would drill in the concrete. I ran the bit through the bored hole in the frame and drilled about a quarter to half inch to insure I could find it. I untied and removed the frame and drilled the holes. I did the same thing with it that I did with the first. The frame’s bottom fit the foundation perfectly and all four anchors went in.

Next, I fastened the corners together. DSC08804I drilled a starter hole and put a screw in at the top and the bottom. I added four more evenly distributed. Needless to say, after all of the drilling in concrete, drilling in wood was like cutting through warm butter. Papa had suggested that I reinforce the corner with wire to help brace it. I didn’t have time right then so I did a quick tie with the baling twine I had used earlier. It probably would have been fine without it, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

That was my biggest accomplishment yesterday. I did a little work around the house as well. After supper, I did some scrubbing on a Dutch oven we were given. It has some pretty bad rust and I am trying to clean it up using steel wool. I’m slowly making a dent in it, but it’ll be a while before I can season and use it. I will say one thing. The Southern Living article on the 11 commandments of cast iron care has been one of the most helpful articles I have kept from a magazine. I have my Mama to thank for letting me know in advance that it was in the issue I got.