After last week’s work, the garden is starting to come together more. It still needs a lot of work, but we should have things set up to plant this month.

Here are the first two tanks painted and in position Thursday morning before I started on the third.

I got the third tank (one that Papa gave me) painted and into it’s proper position. I know right where the next additions will go when we buy them. I will have to get some more paint when we get more tanks. I love the brown that I’m using. It’s just some we had left over from another project. It’s so warm and earthy; I think it’s perfect to contrast the white border fence.


Thursday, I gathered some fertilizer for the corn plot and big pots. I’ll need a lot more, but there is plenty out in the horse lot. Horse manure is some of the best for fertilizing because it doesn’t burn your plants the way chicken or even cow can. And any seeds that the horses ate won’t sprout weeds the way cow manure does. There is something in the horse digestive tract that prevents it from growing. So if you need fertilizer and you know someone who owns horses, offer to clean up some for them! They’ll appreciate the help and you will get some free, very beneficial fertilizer.

Friday, I had to go to town for Raleigh and Dixon’s yearly vet visit, now that Dixon was old enough. While I was loading to go, I threw in a few buckets and a shovel to get some compost. The recycle place I go to in town also takes yard waste. They run it through a chipper and leave it composting on the side of their lot. It’s free to anyone who wants to shovel some up. I wanted to pair the horse manure with some brown compost, but since mine is still processing, I decided to get some from them to mix in.

The trip went fairly quick. Raleigh and Dixon did good at the vet; both are in good health. Dixon is up to 28 pounds! Considering Raleigh is 46 lbs. and fully grown, I’d say Dixon is going to be close to monstrous since he’s only 4 months old. Anyway, I stopped at our new Obama-required insurance provider to finalize some things and then stopped to get the compost.

The rest of Friday was spent cleaning house and washing clothes. Later that evening, Savannah and I were picked up by Mama and Papa to go to a play up in Springfield. I had forgotten all about it! Shelby, our neighbor, has a daughter in school up there. She was a part of the school’s cast for performing The Lion King. It was fully handled by the student group though teacher directors helped if they needed advice. It was a combined effort with middle school, junior high, and high school aged kids. They did an amazing job! And I’ve never heard a girl as young as Shelby’s daughter have such an impressive and well-developed voice.

It was a crazy busy couple of days. A lot of it was fun, but I was glad when the Sabbath came and I could relax a little. It looks like it’s not going to slow down at all this week either. I’m determined to make time to post at least about what I’m doing though. Please bear with me while I struggle with busy time schedules and a fussy one year old.