I find it interesting that our insurance company offers “free preventative care,” but does not extend it to two areas that I think have just as much, no, more impact than their list of covered screenings. One subject came up when the agent and I were going over things that were covered. Pregnancy was brought up and stated that anything dealing with pregnancy was not covered and went towards our yearly deductible. The comment was made that it obviously wasn’t preventative care.

Of course, this shows the perceptions of our general society in that it considers pregnancy as a medical condition and not a new life. In my opinion, with the direct links to pregnancy health and the after-birth development of the child(ren), checkups during pregnancy are preventative care for the child that will be added to the policy at birth (not that I think that it is right that these are forced upon the mother). Perhaps, there should be an option to add the child at conception so that child’s preventative care would be covered. Oh I forget, but then society would have to recognize the child as an actual being at conception and we can’t have that. But let me hold off before I branch off to a side rant.

The “free preventative care” also doesn’t cover dietary supplements, which provide great benefits for preventing sickness, disease, and cancers. Perhaps, if more doctors were better versed in prescribing these, our society would be in better general health. Of course, society in general prefers quick fix solutions. They are more drawn to “solutions” that don’t require them to change anything in their lifestyle. They will take all of the side effects, but don’t ask them to change their habits! On the other hand, it’s their health and they deserve the right to choose; I just don’t want to hear them complain over their own decisions. But again, let me stop before I get sidetracked on another rant.

I do understand that insurance companies must draw a line somewhere. If they truly covered all preventative care, people would be asking them to pay for them eating better food, buying exercise machines, and joining gyms. I would just suggest that insurance companies change their phrasing. Why not call it “free preventative screenings”? That is what it really is after all, not care.

I do realize that if we paid for a more expensive coverage policy, it might cover some of this, but I doubt it would make up for the higher premium. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. As long as it keeps the Obama agency off our back until maybe we can get someone in office to end his tyranny. One more year of him is bound to be a long one.