Last Saturday night, we had a lot of fun. We didn’t have as many people as we thought we might because several of our friends and family weren’t able to make it. It did make it a quiet kickoff to the many gatherings we hope to host.

After we came home from services, we each

Travis, Jessica, and Dixon as we were setting up and getting the fire ready.

set about getting things ready. Travis set up targets for those who wanted to target practice and got the fire going. I set up the seating and set another package of hotdogs out to thaw in case we needed them. I didn’t get out every form of seating we had, but I tried to get out enough that it would cover most of our hopeful attendees. I also set out Savannah’s pack’n’play and a quilt for the kids to sit on. I also got out our little folding table for the food.


Food was a joint effort. We had hotdogs, buns, marshmallows, condiments, water and beer. My folks brought more hotdogs, buns, cheese, cookies, and sweet tea. My sister Jessica brought chips. Our friend Tom brought chips and a homemade salsa concoction that DSC08814tasted awesome. It may have ended up that most everybody else (except a late arriving work friend of Travis’s) weren’t able to make it, but we didn’t lack any food!

It was a beautiful evening. The wind was a little cold as it got later though so we didn’t stay out real late. Travis and Tom stayed out the latest. I will share a stroke of genius that my sister had… Snicker doodle s’mores. That’s right. We toasted marshmallows and sandwiched them between halves of the cookies. They tasted awesome! Try it sometime. Everybody had a lot of fun visiting and eating. We can’t wait until we can have the next one.