Two weeks ago from last Friday, I was in the process of posting this piece when our computer crashed on us. That is why you haven’t heard from me in two weeks. We finally have it back working and I have plenty of posts written to make up for it. Starting with this one, it’s time to play catch-up!


I haven’t been doing much in the garden, but I’m still plugging away at it! Monday, I heard it was supposed to rain that night, so I got the manure and compost scattered and mixed where I was ready for it. I continued hauling rocks when I could. Another thing I decided to do was line the border of the corn plot with pretty flat creek rocks. I want to go back and set them into the actual ground, but for now setting them on top gives me an idea of how many more I need.

One of the reasons the work had been coming a little slow is because we have some company… Meet Gunner and Memphis!! These are our friends’ dogs and are needing a safe place to stay until they can be picked up. Our friends are working out of state and had someone looking after them. Then word reached them that something had happened to them. Travis and I drove down and tried to find them one morning. We didn’t see any signs of them and feared they were gone forever.

The gang (except Raleigh) hanging out: Gunner, Mac (Papa’s dog), Dixon & Memphis.

Long story short, the two had been dumped off in the middle of no where. Luckily, they were found and taken in by Ozark Homeward Bound and placed with a foster home. One of their owners found them through Facebook and contacted the foster home. The foster home couldn’t keep them long so Travis and I took them. They were pretty well starving when they were picked up and had gotten into an altercation with another dog over food. I was so happy when we found out they were okay. It’s been a little crazy having four dogs and Savannah, but we’re making it work.

DSC08836They are both great and very friendly. Gunner at times seems to think he’s a lapdog. Memphis, who is a pit bull, should be the next poster dog for the “blame the owner, not the breed” cause. He rode with me to get a load of rocks yesterday and was one of the most laid back dogs I’ve ever driven with. I’m hoping to go get another load today and take Gunner with me this time. With the back taken up with bucket’s of rocks, there is only room for one dog and Savannah to go. Today will probably be just as busy or maybe more so, but at least it’s almost the Sabbath.