(I wrote this the Monday after the computer crashed.) Sunday, Savannah spent the morning with my folks so we could get some serious work done on the Valley Springs Cemetery. We certainly made a dent in it!

We set to clearing more brush. We cleared almost all of it from the main cemetery. There is a good-sized family plot at the back that we will turn our attention to next time. We uncovered several unseen graves and some daffodils. I was very excited to see the daffodils because I had thought about planting some. I’ve always loved the way flowers and bushes were planted at graves in past generations. It may make the cemetery a little harder to tend, but I think it brings something special to them.

Other than a lot of brush there where a few tree sprouts and green briers we had to cut. The cemetery will probably need a good raking after we are done to clear all of the little sticks and few leaves that were left from clearing out the thicker brush. One of the metal markers that was uncovered didn’t have a name; it only had dates. We are hoping to figure out whose grave it is and get it a replacement marker. Maybe we can slowly work up to doing that in all of these old cemeteries.

I am really happy with the progress we made. I am also hoping that next Sunday we will be able to start work on another cemetery for our Facebook group – Cemetery Cleanup Crew. We are talking about starting on one in Newton County first that one of our members suggested. I am really excited about embarking on this cause and I hope the support increases quickly.