Most of this week, I have been doing a lot of research. I dragged a couple of my old text books from college out and brushed up on the differences between business entities. I’ve spent hours pouring over (frequently in a distracted manner due to Savannah constantly getting into things) online resources on state and federal food, agriculture, and direct farm business regulations. There is a lot to take in. 

Why am I doing this? Papa has began talking again about going ahead and turning the property ownership over to us. Last Friday night, he talked to is about how to go about it. My siblings and I revisited an idea that had been hatched before about creating a business for the farm to help protect the property from liability claims in this sue-happy age. This would also help us to make improvements and maybe expansions to the farm. We even discussed expanding our animal variety to sheep or goats. 

I am really excited about the prospect. It will increase our involvement in the farm, which I have been wanting to do for a while. We aren’t expecting to profit much. We just want to work the land and keep the farm from falling into disrepair. The only way a farm stays in top shape is if it is used to it’s best ability. 

My brother and I agreed to meet this morning and talk over some ideas. This is why I was gathering as wide a base of information as I could. I think we did well for a first more serious discussion about it. We hatched some good ideas and figured out what our next steps should be. We will be meeting again next week to compare thoughts and suggestions on by-laws and management division for the company. I’ll get more into it when things are a little more settled. 

Anyway, I also caught up on Savannah’s baby book. I had fallen behind, but I am almost completely up-to-date. Now, I’ll just need to get the photos that I want to put in. That was another big undertaking this week. I hadn’t had time to back up our photos. After our computer problems, I was further concerned about this. I finished backing up everything except two partial memory cards. I even made a second flash drive backup to our main backup, just in case. Needless to say, I am tired of looking at computers for a while.