Our Cemetery Cleanup Crew had it’s first official event yesterday at 8 a.m. Though only four of us were able to go, we made quick work of it. The tall grass was cut with a weed eater. Once the grass grows a little, it will be ready to be cut by a mower. We cleared down branches and even trimmed some dead branches from the trees in the cemetery. There are still several that could probably use trimming, but maybe the wind will save us the trouble. There were many sprouted trees that we had to cut. We ran across some blackberry vines. I’m thinking that I might dig me up a start next time we are there. We had most everything that needed work done in an hour and a half.


Since that work went so quickly, we DSC09050decided to go and look over another cemetery that we had obtained permission to clean up. It is very badly grown up with trees and briars. It did end up that we had gotten permission from the wrong brother, but he saw us out at the cemetery and came to talk to us. Now that we are all on the same page, I don’t think there will be any problems. We didn’t do much; we looked around to see how much work we were in for and cleared some briars from the immediate entrance. There is a lot of work to do, but the cemetery honestly isn’t as bad as we had feared. It will probably take several events to do the job.

After we decided to call it a day, Travis and I went and picked up Savannah from his folks’ DSC09051place. I really look forward to when she is old enough to help out with the work. I think it’s really important that kids be involved in the upkeep of local areas. I got a good dose of this with Mama taking us kids to pick up trash along our dirt road and numerous other projects we had growing up. I hope that Savannah will have as many chances to learn the responsibility of preserving areas for future generations.