Friday, Savannah and I played hooky. I hadn’t planned on it being an all day thing, but that’s the way it ended up. 

My sister Jessica and I planned about a month ago to get our hair cut together at Revive studio in Branson. I took Savannah up early and picked Jessica up. We drove out to visit Grandma for a little before we went on to the studio. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do with Savannah’s hair so she was there first for a consultation and a cut second if she needed it. Jessica was up first because hers would take the longest. She was taking her hair blond from her most recent dark hair. Stacy set her hair and then it was my turn. It went quickly because I just wanted a trim and my bangs cut. 

Now, it was Savannah’s turn. Mama had come in time for my trim so she could be there for Savannah’s. She and Jessica took photos for me since Savannah was sitting on my lap for it. Stacy said I was parting her hair properly and that she could use some bangs to keep hair out of her eyes. She didn’t take much off, but it worked perfectly. Savannah didn’t mind at all. She was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to grab the scissors from Stacy. She was mostly content to sit on my lap and watch Stacy work. We did save her hair for her baby book. She was so patient!

After Jessica was finished, we all agreed we were very hungry and wanted food before we went to Target. Wendy’s was closest and quickest so we grabbed some good there. We sat talking for maybe 15 minutes after we ate. It was nice to not have to rush off. Then we went on to Target to do a little shopping. We meeting up with Papa and Chad’s family for supper so we weren’t in a rush. 

After some errands and running around, we all met up at Applebee’s for supper. My nephew Daniel’s birthday was Monday and this was the best time to get most everyone together. Supper was really good and fun. Savannah was so tired by this time that she was laying her head on the table from the highchair. The poor girl fell asleep on the way home and barely woke up when I moved her to her crib. Definitely a full and fun day.