A word of wisdom to anyone else that is trying to get into a exercise regimen. Don’t do what I did this morning. 

It was 40 degrees out with no wind. I went out without anything protecting my ears because I thought I wouldn’t need to worry about it. And I didn’t…. Until I was out for a little. I kept going because I wanted to get my exercise in early before Savannah woke up. I also didn’t want to wake her up going back in for the item. Besides, I thought, I just wanted to do a quick workout with the dogs.

I didn’t even make the 20 minutes because of the headache. So from now on when I head out, I am throwing a knit hat or ear band in my pocket just in case. Even if it’s not that cold like this morning, it’s not worth it! Thankfully, the headache passed once I went inside and warmed up.