Yesterday was beautiful! We spent the morning driving a bit and taking pictures at cemeteries to fill some requests on When we came back, I added dirt to the tanks. Two of them have enough, but I need to get a few more to finish out the third. It is almost warm enough to plant. I didn’t start my seeds inside this year because it never seems to work. The ones that do get a start are quickly passed by the ones I start straight in the dirt. So this year I decided to not waste the time and plant directly the first time. I am leaving room to cover the tanks if I need to, but I’m hoping to wait until the temperature stays warm enough to not need to.

After I filled the tanks, I measured forDSC09407 where I wanted to plant a redbud tree. I have been wanting to plant one out to shade the area around our fire pit and when I mentioned this to Mama she offered to give me a start. It just so happened that she had about a 10-inch tall one that she wanted gone from her garden. I figured the sooner I got it in the ground the better. The tree wasn’t budding yet so it shouldn’t be shocked by the move. I dug a hole and then when down to dig it up. It was amongst some other plants. I was as careful as I could be; I didn’t want to disturb Mama’s flowers. When I finally got it free, I realized that I would have to make my hole a little deeper.

DSC09411I walked up back up the hill to our house and dug a little more. It didn’t take much. I planted it and put the dirt (minus the several rocks) back in. I set a brick next to it so it was easier to see for when Travis starts mowing the lawn. Savannah played in the grass while I finished up. She was extremely cute! She also accidently got her first taste of dirt, but at least it was clean dirt. At one point she crawled over to where Dixon was laying in the sun and started petting him.

So a good time was had by all yesterday. We went for a walk in the evening and watched the storms go to the east of us. It was really pretty. I am entered in my first 5K for May. It’s giving me a little added incentive to get in better shape and rebuild my endurance. I’ve also been checking out some workout routines on YouTube. If you are looking for one, check out Tony Horton on there. He’s got some awesome ones that’ll kick your butt.