I gave in yesterday and planted seeds. I had been planning to wait until after our area’s last-frost date, but then an idea struck me. I could plant the seeds for the tanks in one tank and transfer them later. Doing it this way, I can start them earlier and I don’t have to start them inside which hasn’t worked for me in our home at all. I guess it’s the lack of direct sunlight due to the roof coming out over the catwalk. 

As you can see, I took slates of wood and used them to divide the tank into six sections. One section for each variety that I will be planting soon: two kinds of tomato, zucchini, yellow squash, bean and green bean. I used a sharpie to write what was what on the wood. I am planting according to the moon cycle so I won’t be planting any roots until the end of the month. I am also waiting until next week to plant my corn plot. The weekend is supposed to be cold and the beginning of next week still has a favorible moon so I though it best to wait until then. To protect the planted tank, I’ll put a piece of clear plastic over it and secure it with baling twine around the top of the tank. 

I also mixed some compost in my pots from last year. I then planted my herbs and pepper plants in them and set them around the front of our garage. It faces the south and provides a well-protected, warm area for them. I planted some flower bulbs I saved from last year, but they looked pretty rough. They may not come back. If that’s the case, I may plant some extra herbs in their place.