I almost have things ready for the next two nights, which have had freeze warnings issued for our area. I have our firewood box filled up for the night. I have a bucket ready to set over my redbud. I noticed yesterday that it had a couple buds on it. Just in case, I thought I’d cover it this evening. I’ll already be outside bringing my flower pots inside the garage for the night. I’m probably being overly cautious, but I’d rather be safe than lose progress. 

I even have the tank ready. It looks like it will work well. I had to go back and add the bricks to hold down the edges of the plastic. The wind had picked up and was ballooning the plastic up. It doing that lets cold air in and thus defeats the purpose of covering it. 

Once we make it through the next month, we’ll be past the last frost date. It’ll be a lot less worry then and maybe I’ll have some plants to show for it. It’s cool and damp today. It makes me really glad that I got my work done while it was warmer. Now, I can do my housework and stay in where it’s warm. 

In case I get busy and don’t have time to get on here again before the Sabbath, everybody have a great and safe weekend. Stay warm!