Last night, I put together a non-Trekkie invasion movie night. I own five movies that I place in this category: the Invasion, Independance Day, Men In Black I and II, and The Fifth Element. The Men In Black movies loosely qualify, but they filled out the movie night well. I went with these because I had recently done a Trekkie movie night and I hadn’t seen several of these others in quite a while. 

You will notice that hardly any of these are strictly serious. This is because I watch movies to be entertained, not scared. While The Invasion is a little far fetched, but doesn’t have much by way of humor. I love Daniel Craig though and him with Nicole Kidman made for a good movie. I also really like how straight forward the movie is. Independance Day couples humor with drama well. Will Smith’s freak out in the desert is one of my favorite parts. Of course, I have loved Will Smith and Jeff Goldbloom in pretty much every movie I’ve seem them in. In this movie, they each bring humor and together play well off of each other. I may not agree with Smith on certain things, but he’s a great actor. 

Another great pairing is Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (not that you can ever go wrong with Jones). The MIB movies are hilarious. Though the second one doesn’t have anyone trying to invade earth, she is in risk of destruction just like Fifth Element. If Fifth Element isn’t funny enough for you, then you probably didn’t find the MIB movies funny either. Bruce Willis deliveries as always. I have my own personal amusement in some of his movies  that involves seeing how long it takes for his shirt to be completely ruined. Fifth Element is like a space version of Die Hard. I love it!

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the fifth movie though I did try. It was after 11 when I finished the fourth and that is my version of staying up until 2 am. I know, I’m such a party animal. I was even knitting while I watched it. Partly because I needed to get work done on my knitting and partly because it helped keep me awake. With such a late night, I slept all the way until Savannah woke me up at 6 am! Haha, I know, I’m being lazy.