I am making Savannah a toy: a stand and set of rings. It’s been lots of fun. I’ve still got a lot to go, but I wanted to share my idea and progress with you.

When I was in maybe my early teens, I was given a kids’ craft magazine because the person knew how much I enjoyed crafts. In it were all kinds of crafts that kids could do on their own. One was for making papier-mâché animals. I still have the horse head I made and I also saved the magazine. 

When I decided to make Savannah a ring set, I was thinking what to make it out of and remembered papier-mâché. I figured the only way to know how well it would work was to go ahead and make it. Sunday, I started and have been adding layers as I have time. I’m making the stand first so I know what size to make the rings. 

 First, I figured out what my foundation for the stand would be. I taped two pieces of cardboard together for the base. I taped an empty paper towel roll upright in the middle. I plugged the hole and rounded the top with newspaper stuffed in the middle of the roll. 


I laid a slick ad, which I couldn’t use for the papier-mâché stripes, down on the table to catch any paste drips. I made a half batch of paste. While my paste cooled, I made me a pile of newspaper stripes. Then, I transferred the paste into a plastic comtainer and brought it to my work area. I added a layer of newspaper and decided I wanted it to flare slightly. 
I took a small section of newspaper and made a cone. I put it on the roll and tightened it. Once it flared out as much as I wanted, I taped it in place. It’s suggested to use paper freezer tape, but regular tape seems to be working okay so far.  

Now I have just been adding layers of newspaper as I have time and as the previous layer dries out. I’ll continue doing this until it’s good and sturdy. 

I love this idea because the paste is nontoxic and the foundation and newspaper are being recycled. The other reason is because this is a project that a kid could help with or do alone. An older sibling or cousin could make one for a young cousin or sibling. Hopefully, it’ll turn out as great as I think it will.