I meant to post more than I did last week, but there wasn’t much going on. After the week that was pretty much non-stop work outside, it seemed odd. Most of the week was spent catching up on some inside cleaning and preojects. We haven’t had a lot of rain so I’ve been watering my starts. I’m hoping to see sprouts from seeds come up any time now. Of course, I don’t have to water the tank often since it holds so much in the reservoir. 

We went ahead and got the next size in car seats for Savannah. She had already gotten way too tall for the first. I’m hoping that she will enjoy longer car trips now since she’ll be able to see out more. We’ll have to wait and see. 

We headed to Vendor after Travis got off work Friday. I decided to go to Harrison early and get a little research done at the historical society. I looked up several cemeteries and copied their lists of people buried in them. I wanted a chance to talk with the head lady, but she was busy. I only got a chance to mention a couple errors on locations of Omaha area cemeteries on the county map that I have a copy of. It’s a county map of all the cemeteries. I don’t like making corrections to other peoples work, but I wanted her to know. 

The weekend was fun, but it was good to come back home yesterday. I got my kitchen cleaned, which I had skipped out on Friday when I left early. Hopefully, there will be more going on this week to report!