Mama loaned me this book a while back and I finally got to read it. I was previously familiar with Mr. Bragg because he writes an article in Southern Living, which I love. This book is no different. 

The stories range from his childhood and before to present day. I found myself nodding in understanding, laughing and occasionally tearing up with each page. I saw many of my own relations and people I know described. Even feelings that I was never able to put words to were described, like going to the Gulf. 

Some things I may not have had firsthand knowledge of, like eating pork, shellfish, and other things I don’t eat for religious reasons. I can still understand the unhealthy love of fried foods, carbs, and sweets that can fill our diet and our jeans. Thankfully, I’m not a good enough cook to make the things that fatten me up. That’s probably the only thing keeping me from blowing up like a balloon. 

I can’t begin to list all of connections I made with the book. All I will say is the stories from him and his people reminded me of my own. If you’re Southern, then you’ll just have to read it for yourself to hopefully see what I mean. If you aren’t, then you’re still in for an interesting ride!