I have been slowly working on Savannah’s rings toywhen I can and it’s finally done except for one thing. 

After I layered the newspaper stripes as thick as I thought it needed, I added the last layer of print paper. This gives it a thick, smooth finish that is easier to paint. With the stand complete except for painting, I felt comfortable forming the rings for it. 

I used a large sheet of newspaper for the form. I twisted it into the ring and, holding it complete, set it down over the stand to make sure of its size. I had to adjust to make it bigger and then taped it so I could begin adding newspaper.  

I did this with each ring, checking to make sure it would set down on the ring before it. I made five rings. Once I had layered them to the point they were hard, I added their finishing layer. 

Now, they were ready to paint, too. I used the brighter acrylic paints I have. I wanted the rings to be very colorful. 


Now, it is complete except for that gap you see. My sizing was off on that second ring I made and it affected them all. I am going to make one more ring to fill that gap. Then, I can finally see what Savannah thinks of it. I’ll probably only let her play with it while I’m watching until she is out of the try-to-eat-everything stage.