Yesterday was busy and fairly productive. I’m hoping today is the same but maybe more productive if Savannah is agreeable. 

I worked some in the garden while Savannah played with the dogs. This didn’t last real long because Savannah soon decided she wanted to begin exploring the yard more. She loves being outside. Often when I pick her up in the house, she will immediately point at the door and try to say “outside”. She hated it when it turned cold last month and I wouldn’t let her play out with the dogs. 

I did get to continue working a little later when she went down for her nap after we ate. I am starting to dig the trench for the foundation of the next fence sections. I would like to at least finish the north side of the garden and build my garden shed this year. I’ll just have to wait and see if I’m able to. 


The most exciting happenings in the garden is the appearance of two sprouts. The easiest one to see is the inch-tall yellow squash plant. It is even getting a third leaf. The hard-to-see one (if you can see it at all) is down from it in the lower section. It is a bean sprout, but so far you can still only see a section of its stem. I hope the others start coming up soon. 

I made supper: chicken fried steak that turned out a lot better than I figured it would (first time making it). After we ate, Travis and I loaded up and dropped Savannah off at my folks. The Cottonwood cemetery Travis takes care of needed it’s first mowing of the season and I said I’d help. I mowed while he got the weed eating done. Then he took over mowing and I picked up branches ahead of him. I want to go back and build a couple little flower beds at the entrance. Hopefully, I’ll get to do that at some point. First priority will be cleaning some headstones, including my ancestors’. 

The day passed quickly. I’m still tired this morning, but maybe, once I get busy, I’ll shake that off. I’ve got too much work to do to give in to being tired.