I am slowly working on replacing the grass between the garden tanks. Once I get the old cleared out, I’ll reseed it with Kentucky bluegrass. I want to use it because it’s a short enough grass that I shouldn’t have to mow it. 

Since I’m clearing out the old, I went ahead and dug up the dandelions in the area between the first tanks. I didn’t want to waste them. The dandelion is such versatile plant because you can use most every part of it. The root is used for tea and leaves for greens. The flower can even be rendered into a very good jam, which has a light honey-like taste. 

Last night I seperated the roots and greens I could use and composted the rest. 

Today, I washed the roots. I now have them out drying like I did with the thistle roots. I washed the greens and have them in the refrigerator. I even made a small salad to go with lunch. 

I will warn you: dandelion greens are a little bitter. They are usually best mixed in with other sweeter lettuce greens. They can be a little too strong by themselves. This is why I had carrots with mine; they provided some balancing sweetness to the greens. I’m hoping to try the greens in some other ways too.