It may seem as though this week has just been spent in the garden and waiting for sprouts to come up. However, a lot more has been going on than that. 

We went back to the cemetery and finished it up. While Travis finished mowing it, I began cleaning headstones. I was actually really surprised at how well some of them cleaned up. All I used was distilled water, a fresh scrub brush, and a plastic scraper. Travis had found the suggestion on the Save A Grave website ( Look it up if you need to clean one; it works riders. They have lots of other tips too. 

While work in the cemetery and garden are the most exciting things I have been doing, that’s not the case with Savannah. This week she has had three teeth break through, almost doubling the number of her teeth. It’s no wonder she has been off and on fussy the past few weeks! Two were expected; the third was not. She has also decided to start waking without help across rooms. It’s amazing how, just during this week, her continued trying has made her that much more confident in walking. 

The rest of the week may just have been me doing the same cooking and cleaning I always do, but it’s been a great week. I can’t wait to see what the next one brings.