Our leftover pancakes

I finally did it! I made pancakes from scratch that were actually good. No mix, no recipe, I only used a list of ingredients I got from Mama awhile back. The list is simple: flour, oil, salt, egg, baking soda, little sugar, and water. 

While now it seems simple, I kept having issues. Usually it had to do with me managing to forget one of those ingredients. This morning, I had to adjust a few things, but I think I even have the ratio down. I will no longer be tied to using a mix. 

It may be silly being this happy about making pancakes, but I am. I always remembered Mama making pancakes from scratch while I was growing up. I wondered when I was younger how she could manage to have no written way of making them and still fix us the same amazing pancakes every time. Maybe some day mine will taste as good as hers, but I doubt it.