I have been knitting when I get the chance. I have a friend who is with child and I wanted to add something homemade to her gift.  

Since socks are one of the few things I know how to successfully knit, I am making several pairs of infant-sized ones. Most of them will be solid colors. The ones above are the first ones I have ever made with a yarn that varies in color. (Does anybody know if there is a special term for that? I’m ignorant when it comes to the specifics and jargon.) It’s different, but I think they turned out neat looking. 

I am also trying to make a pair of scratch mits that will match the socks above. That yarn is one of the softer ones I have and it’ll use up the little I have left of it. I’m only going to make one pair because I know they don’t work for a lot of babies. Socks are much more frequently of use. 

I laugh at myself because I am still an early enough beginner that I am still extremely happy when both socks turn out the same size. I was shown the bare basics of knitting when I was 12. Everything from using a pattern and beyond, I have been trying to teach myself and learn as I go. (YouTube is very helpful.) It’s also only been recently that I have really had time to work on my knitting abilities. Maybe in a year I’ll be able to graduate beyond one type of stitch.