I meant to post this yesterday, but I got busy with other things. My grandma’s 91st birthday is this Saturday and we are having a little gathering the night before. I realized that if I was going to make her card, I needed to get a move on. I kept it simple. 

I decided to make it a single page so she could stand it up and see it all at once. I picked out a pastel yellow from my card stock for the background. Savannah is obviously too young to help make and sign the card, but I still wanted to add something from her. I found an ink pad that luckily was still useable and got her handprint. She did really good; it only took two tries. I then cut out the print from the card stock. It looked better on horizontal paper so that changed my vertical idea. A little stick glue and I was ready to go on. 
I then added two group messages. I wanted to leave plenty of room to write personal messages. I painted the top one using my half-inch flat paint brush and a gloss black paint. I really liked the shape the brush gave the letters. I did touch up the paint a little, but I liked the natural fading it did through the letter so I tried my best to keep it. I added the blue underline for a splash of color. On the second line, I used a black sharpie. 

You may notice two little holes punched out of the top corners. That is because I decided to add a way for Grandma to hang it if she wanted to. I crocheted a single chain in blue for the hanger and knotted it in the back. I then painted a watercolor tulip bed on the bottom to add some more color. 

Now it’s ready for us to add our birthday messages. The card isn’t much, but maybe it’ll brighten up her room. It was a lot of fun to make. I may have to start doing this for every occasion!