One of my happiest realizations from my short time blogging was that I was not alone in my quest for being more selfreliant. Being more selfreliant from society, government, modern “healthcare” is a relief in itself, but knowing that our family is not the only one trying was even more so. I wasn’t really aware that we were apart of a movement towards homesteading. 

I like the use of the term homesteading for what we are trying to accomplish. It ties us back to how our ancestors lived and what they stood for. They made their own way through life.

 It also strikes a personal cord with me because we are one hollow away from where my great, great Grandfather Fitzmaurice homesteaded. We still own the land homesteaded by his daughter who would later become my great grandmother. I think the way of life we are trying to get back to is kind of a way of honoring their life. 

Homesteading is hard work, but it is also rewarding. I’m always proud when we get a step closer to being selfreliant. If we start rectifying our societies’ growing ignorance in this generation, maybe we can make it a little easier on the next generation.