“And we shall feed like oxen at a stall, the better cherish’d still the nearer death.” – Worgester

I have loved Shakespeare’s writing since before I hit my teen years. Even before I could fully understand some of his subject matter, I loved the rhythm of the English. I am by no means a literary critic. I just thought I’d list my favorite parts of the play:

  • Hotspur’s passionate defense of his family
  • The banter between Prince Henry and Falstaff
  • Prince Henry’s tricks on Falstaff
  • The evolution of Prince Henry’s character
  • And, of course, the quote above. 

I can’t wait to start on the second part. I may not get much time to read in the coming week though. I always do my spring cleaning the week following up to Passover. I’ll hopefully carve out some time for reading.