Well, when I looked at the 10 day forecast over a week ago, I was so happy to see it was supposed to be pretty. I planned out my spring cleaning along with my cooking for the Holy Day. Then, the week came and it changed to all rain. But, Father knows we needed the rain; I can’t be all that disappointed about not having to water my sprouts. 

The rain isn’t going to take much is a toll on the cleaning. It’ll just make drying wash take longer than when I can hang it out. I can still clean the inside of the Escape in the dry of the garage. I can still wash windows since the catwalk is covered. I should be able to keep mostly on track. 

The bigger wrench that was thrown into my plans is that I’m under the weather. I’m not sure really if it’s allergies or if I picked up a head cold at Grandma’s birthday party. With the way I felt this morning, maybe it’s both! I’m still determined to get my cleaning done, though. I guess there is an upside to this problem too: I can let y’all know how some of the essential oils from my kit are working.