I have made the somewhat startling realization that I am slowly turning into a cross between my husband and my father. At least when it comes to radio. Now I still like some stuff different from what they like. Let me explain. 

I realized the similarity to my husband’s reaction to radio when I found myself flipping through the stations more often. I would find myself thinking a lot of the new country songs the stations were playing either sucked or had been over played. Sometimes both descriptions even qualified. I still like more of it than Travis does, even though part of it I wouldn’t really classify as country. 

My similarity to Papa and the radio was realized yesterday evening when I was leaving town after having supper with Travis. I got in the Escape dreading more channel flipping. When I looked at the time, I was relieved. It was late enough for my favorite talk show host to be on The Eagle out of Mountain home. Mark Levin is a true conservative who has restored my faith that not all media hosts are nut jobs. Then it hit me that I had just chosen talk radio over music. When I rode with Papa in the car growing up, all we ever listened to was either talk or baseball. Now maybe I know why!

I’ll still try to find music on the radio that will keep me on a station longer than 10 minutes. At least I also have CDs. And thankfully I don’t drive as much as I used too. Maybe by the time I’m driving more again, I’ll have finally given up on music stations like Papa and Travis already have.