So while Savannah and I have been under the weather, I have been using some oils from my dōTERRA kit. My mother-in-law told me about peppermint being one of the best decongestants and, wow, was she right. Early on, I could hardly breathe through my nose and my sinuses were killing me. I would brush the lightest bit of peppermint oil on the underside tip of the my nose. It worked wonders for helping me breathe again. Even just breathing in the scent from the uncapped bottle helped relieve the pressure. 

I also had a little fun with them; I made my own pre-sleep mix. I diluted peppermint, lavender, and dōTERRA’s blend Breathe together in the same 4 oz. of water. I made this blend with Savannah in mind but I decided to use it on me too. Lavender to help her sleep; Breathe to aid her respiratory system; Peppermint for an added decongestant. It seemed to really help both of us. 

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with my essential oils. Hopefully next time it will be for a happier reason than Savannah and I being sick.