Everyone must have their own way of making spinach dip. When I’m really being lazy and it’s just for me, I have been known to cook frozen spinach, mix in softened cream cheese and call it good. I honestly love it, but I like to do a little more when I’m making it for a meal with others. 

I decided to make a spinach dip to take to the potluck for the Holy Day. I sautéed minced garlic in butter. I left the onion out because we have a member who is badly allergic. Added a little salt and black pepper. Then I did something a little different when I added my greens. It wasn’t just spinach. I had picked dandelion leaves and steamed them with my spinach, which made the mix about half and half. I added those to the butter mix and then added my softened cream cheese. 

It turned out really good! I thought the dandelion leaves added a nice flavor to the dip without making it bitter. The sweetness of the spinach balanced it. I’ve now found away to add some extra nutrients to my favorite dip.