I realized this morning that it’s been a while since I gave an update about the garden. I’ve been doing a few things and planting more since we’re finally past the last frost date. Next year, I really need to be more together on planting my cool weather vegetables because I just about waited too long this year. I was too busy worrying over my frost-susceptible ones. 

Anyway, I got my squash, bean, and one tomato starts transferred to where I want them. With this year being a lot of trial and error for the system I am trying to use, I planted them about a foot apart for the beans and tomato. I think with the way they will vine up I’ll be able to plant them closer. I thought I’d see how this works for the first planting. I’ll try planting them closer together on the second planting. I sowed tomato seeds to make up for the ones that didn’t come up. 

I planted one squash start in the end of a tank and the other two in a couple large planters. My idea is that the branches will drape down the pots, taking up less space and making the squash easier to pick. We shall see if it actually works! My plants wilted slightly when I transferred them, but a day of good watering brought them back. Now I just have to figure out what is occasionally chewing on them. 

I got my white sweet corn planted finally! I am really excited because I’ve never gown corn before. I hope it’ll do well. I went back through and inset half of the rocks around my corn plot with newspaper underneath. I think the rocks look better set into the ground and the newspaper should keep the grass from creeping back up between them again. 

For the moment, I am back to maintaining and watering; praying that my seeds come up and plants survive. My wild raspberries are blooming though so soon I may be picking berries. There’s always lots to do.