It’s that time of year again. I’m fixing my hummingbirds’ food. One of them buzzed me again this morning as a reminder that I hadn’t set out any feeders yet. I love how they come and let me know when they need some. It’s like they recognize me from last year. But who knows if that’s actually the case. 

I started making my own two years ago when I realized how simple it was and how many unnecessary additives there are in the mixes. I know the fresh food doesn’t last as long as these mixes but I don’t mind. I use a 1:4 ratio. That means one part sugar to four parts water. Bring the water to a boil, stir in the sugar and let it cool. The food has to be room temperature when you put it out, even when it’s been refrigerated. 

I always look forward to the return of these little birds. I’ve loved watching them since I was a kid. Hummingbird feeders were the only ones we had through the summer while I was growing up. We only splurged on bird seed in the winter for if we got a good snow fall that would prevent the birds from feeding as much. So while I enjoy all of our birds, hummingbirds have a special place amongst them.