It has been quite awhile since I went into a ranting fit, but I’m fixing to end that streak. And, like most times, it is being caused by local news. By the way, you will not see the words “I’m sorry” in this post. If others can unapologetically support the needless destruction of human life, then I will be unapologetic in my opposition of it. 

I finally read the weekend paper and it has an article about the AR Board of Health’s approval of an abortion phrase. In the loosing battle of fighting abortion, we actually got the phrase “death of the unborn child” approved in the law. This is in place of “termination of the pregnancy,” which I applaud Gov. Hutchinson for rejecting. Towards the end of the article there is a statement from board member Greg Harper who proposed the rejected phrase. He says that the new language is harmful to women and doesn’t help protect the public. 

Let me break this statement down. First, it’s harmful to women. Really? That’s the fight you’re going to pick? How ignorant can you be? The entire law is harmful to children and women alike and the complaint is against a blunt phrasing. Women are killing their children and the fear is that a blunt phrasing will hurt their feelings. Hey, call me old fashioned, but Harper? How about you man-up and tell the women that they are wrong? If you get pregnant “unexpectedly,” killing the child and trying to act like it never happened justifies nothing. Two wrongs don’t make a right. 

Next, it doesn’t help protect the public. It’s funny to me how definitions and facts can change as soon as it doesn’t fit a liberal’s agenda. Children can be declared wards of th state, making them public property, for many reasons. Some aren’t warranted, such as the reasonable spanking of a child. Some are warranted. If it is deemed acceptable to claim the child as public property and protected by the government law, where is their protection when they are completely dependent? 

Our constitution offers the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but not for our unborn. Our federal and state laws protect the “citizen rights” of those who have no legal right to them, but offers little to developing natural citizens. Honestly, I have just about given up on putting the cork back in the abortion bottle and making it illegal again. My biggest hope now is that we are able to contain it and have the government defund it. 

Finally, to all of the women who know the blessing and wonder of carrying, delivering, and having a child, and say nothing against this terrible act. And to all of the men who use the excuse “how can I tell a woman what is right for her to do in a situation that I will never have personal experience in” to avoid saying anything against it. I am ashamed for you. Ashamed for you that you lack the courage and backbone to stand up to these baby-killing monsters. Ashamed for you because I know what it is like to not stand up for what is right. I may not change anything big, but I refuse to go quietly into the night. Please, stand there with me.