I know it’s a little late for potatoes. That being said, I didn’t have much choice. I couldn’t find seed potatoes sold anywhere I thought they would be. I waited for some I had to eye and hoped that they would work. 

Friday, I planted them. I am finally trying the bin-growing that I keep hearing about. I took the old heavy plastic garbage container that used to hold our dog food and drilled some drainage holes in the bottom. I found some good rocks for covering the drain holes and placed one over each hole. Then I poured about an inch or two of dirt into the bottom, nestled the potatoes in the dirt, and added more dirt to cover them. Now as they (hopefully) grow, I am supposed to add a layer of hay at a time. Wait for sight of the vine, cover with hay, rinse and repeat until the bin is full!

The corn seems to be sprouting up good. It seems like every time I look at the plot there are more coming up. It’s amazing to me how quick they seem to be growing.