My sister-in-law directed me to the Honest company after Savannah was born because of their natural diapers and wipes. After checking them out, I signed us up for it and have loved it ever since. 

They are anti-chemical. They have about half a page of ingredients that they restrict from their products. Once you sign up for a bundle, it autoships on a schedule. The date can be adjusted if the package is needed earlier or later. It’s really handy!

This month’s shipment showed their marketing smarts. This was in with the usual shipment. While I’m not big on Mother’s Day (I know of too many that get ignored the rest of the time), it was really neat to get this. It is smart marketing because it’s something special for the woman who has to change the diapers in the bundle. It’s also a smart way of cross marketing: introducing moms to their beauty products. 

I hope folks will check them out. They have a lot of product lines. Though I haven’t tried a lot of them, but what I have, I’ve liked. And I look forward to trying many more of their products.