I feel like I haven’t posted in so long. The week has gone quick and tomorrow looks busy so I wanted to be sure I got an update in tonight. 

We have some good growth going on in the garden. The potato vines grew up so I added about two inches of used hay from the lot where the heifers had been before we moved them into another lot below the hay barn. The hay is what had fallen on the ground from the trough. That means it has a nice mixture of dirt and manure in it. I figured it would give more nutrients to the vines than plain straw would. 

Today, I saw one of my replacement beans had sprouted. I lost a couple of my original bean plants and replanted more in their place. I think I disturbed the plants’ roots when I transferred them. Next year, I need to not give in to planting early like I did this year. It just never works out for me. I lost a squash too and I bet it was for the same reason. 

I have late beets and carrots coming up that I had honestly given up on. I also planted more tomatoes and those are coming up too. I even had a surprise squash come up where I had planted my early starts. The corn plot is looking good. Though I have holes in my rows, I am still finding a new addition here and there that sprouted up. Some of the older plants are maybe a littler over 8 inches tall. 

The only thing that is not taking off well so far are my peppers and herbs. It’s still early though. I have to watch Savannah because she likes to play around and in the flower pots that I planted the herbs in. I know at least one herb sprout was plucked while she was playing. Since then, we have a strict “nothing into or out of” understanding on the flower pots until she gets older. 

I found another book from my reading challenge while I was doing our monthly shopping. It’s pretty terrible, but that’s another story for another time. Let’s just say I’m trying to get through it as quickly as possible so not to prolong the pain. Maybe I can use it for compost……it is a paperback after all.