I’ll try to keep this brief. An article I just read in the newspaper makes me both laugh and become upset at the same time. The title reads: House would ban Confederate flags on VA cemetery flagpoles. 

There is not enough space here to share the proper history of the Confederate States reasons for going to war. Please do your own research and do not buy into what these bigots (that’s right liberals, I have a right to use that word too) say, chalking the war up to slavery and hatred. When it comes down to it, the southern states were being overtaxed to fund the North while the North was decreasing the South’s representation and state rights over federal power. The Confederate flag stands for the freedom the forefathers intended where states rights took precedence over a federal lord head. 

Later, the Klan that had been a peace-keeping group was taken over by radicalists. Though its rightful leaders tried to disban the group, they were defied and the Confederate flag was perverted. Because of these men and the propaganda of the North, we who hold the flag for its pure purpose and honor our heritage are forever branded as racists. But just as I refuse believe that the American flag represents this socialist government and bleeding-heart-liberal society that has hijacked the nation, I refuse to let racism pervert the Confederate flag. 

Now that we have that out of the way, let us move on. No matter the misgivings of these ignorant people, I think the federal government does the legal right to decide what flags are displayed in federally-funded cemeteries. If we handled all funding locally this would not be an issue. What bothers me most about this article is the admission that the capital refuses to continue displaying the Mississippi state flag in the House hallway. Let me restate that. A Southern state is being refused representation in one of our federal lawmaking buildings. This gives me the uneasy feeling of an ugly part of history repeating itself. 

“To continue to allow national policy condoning the display of this symbol on Federal property is wrong, and it is disrespectful to what our country stands for and what our veterans fight for.” – California democrat Jared Huffman

What is truly sad is Huffman in his ignorance is right in a way. The Confederate flag stands for state rights, the quest for equal representation, and the wish for freedom from a power-hungry federal government. That’s what our country used to stand for, but Huffman is right, it doesn’t any more.