Friday, Travis and I ran to the cemetery that we tend. We wanted to make sure it was in good shape for the weekend. Some folks had already placed flowers at some of the graves. We decided it didn’t need mowing but Travis did trim in  front of the fence  where it had grown up. While he did that, I worked some more on the flower beds I’m putting in. 

I planted some irises that a friend from church has given us. He was putting in a fence where a lot of flowers were. He brought the ones he dug up to services for anyone who wanted them. It worked out perfect since I had been looking at what to plant in the cemetery flower beds. I will slowly add more varieties and see what works best there. After I planted the irises, I placed the last of the creek rock I had for the border. 

Monday, I gathered some more creek rocks and finished the two flower bed borders, for now at least. I want to slowly increase their size as I get the flowers established. I forgot to get pictures of them finished but you’ll probably see more of them as I add flowers and size.