I’m not one to complain about rain. I count it as our rain in due season and am thankful that the crops are getting the rain they need. All of the plants are springing up and looking great. 

This week has been a little disappointing though. Not really the rain itself, but the timing of the rain. It seems like every time I have some free time to work in the garden, it comes a shower. And it lasts approximately as long as my free time. 

It happened again today. I got Savannah down for a nap. I was making sure she was really asleep and turning the monitor on when it started raining again. Most of the things I was going to go can wait a little longer, but if I don’t get the corn plot hoed soon, then the weeds may catch up with the corn. Oh well, hopefully I can get it done soon! Preferably before the weeds reclaim everything…