Sunday, we had a few clouds and a lot of sun. Everyone definitely made the most of it!

I worked on hoeing the weeds out of the corn. It looked so much better with them gone. I mentioned to Mama when she stopped by that I needed to work on having straighter rows. I loved her response. She shrugged and said you can fit more in a crooked one. I mounded some dirt around the stalks in preparation for mulching the corn.

While I was working in the garden, Travis had Savannah playing on the patio while he worked on shelling our walnuts from last fall. I went down there at one point to cool off and got to laughing at Savannah. Papa was mowing the hayfield and every time he came through, she would wave to him. 

Hay in progress.

While I was on the patio, I realized I needed to check the raspberries and see if they needed to be picked. There was a nice number already ripe. I picked about a cup. I rinsed them quick and let Savannah have a taste. She had been following me for a bite as soon as I was back on the patio from picked them. They were a big hit with her. The bushes look like it’ll be a good year for them. 

I also made a small flower bed the the garden area to keep the extra iris and lilies I was given. I also planted some sunflowers from seed. I figure between us and the birds, their seed will probably go pretty quick this winter.