I got Savannah and I set up as patients of a local family doctor. While I don’t think it’s imparitive to go constantly to the doctor (in fact, I think you are better off if you shoot for not needing them), I do think it’s smart to be in contact with one in case of emergencies such as broken bones. Of course, a trip to see someone in the medical field always leads to questions about vaccines. 

We elected to forego vaccines for Savannah. I think that this is a very personal decision. It amazes me the amount of finger-pointing this subject causes on both sides. Usually it comes down to each side accusing the other of being ignorant. My opinion is somewhere in the middle as usual. 

For those who say that my unvaccinated child poses a threat to theirs that is, I pose the simple question of why. People treat vaccines as though it is able to make them invincible. If the vaccines work and prevent their child from coming down with a disease, then what is there to fear. Some say that I don’t understand the risks. I was unvaccinated as a child and remain so as an adult. Vaccines do not make children or adults free of disease; there are always different kinds that can pose a threat. In my opinion, what keeps people safe are healthy immune systems, proper hygienic practices, and knowledge of the proper time to inact quarantine practices. (I also have strong faith in the Father’s protection concerning diseases, but I doubt anyone wants to hear about that.) I think vaccines have caused a lot of people to become lax and unconcerned about diseases. 

Now for the other side, I don’t think we can attribute all the increase of childhood diseases and disorders and allergies to the state “required” vaccines. I do think they add to the complicated combination of problems. Think of a child’s poor health as being a recipe and vaccines are an ingredient. Alone they don’t make much. Now add in the ingredients of poor prenatal nutrition, lack of healthy influences, food with added toxins and preservatives and depleted of natural nutrients, over-crowded social interaction at consolidated public schools……. The list goes on and on. I think that all of these combined with under-studied, over-dosing vaccines are the cause for our children’s poor health and our own. 

I am not just keeping my child unvaccinated; I am trying to keep her from the things that I think will hinder her health. In the end,  I am just doing what I think is best, which I think is every parents’ job. If you think vaccinating is what is best, by all means, go ahead. I won’t call you a bad parent for it. Just make sure it’s what you think, not what someone else thinks. In closing, I always liked how the old saying put it, “remember that when you’re pointing a finger, four more are pointing back at you.”